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The Edge of the Horns

Tonight is the night.

I have two behemoths sitting in a corner of one of the rooms in my home. The babies in the boxes have been crying out for attention lately. Probably i have been far too cruel and unfeeling. Having had doubts as to whether they would fit into my living room, i had callously boxed them in and shoved them into a corner ever since they arrived at my door.

I expect to see them wholly blue when they re-appear from their boxes.

With the grace of an old friend, Jeffery, if he delivers the puny flea sized integrated tube amplifier tonight, i would be able to for the first time in my audiophile life, marry a single ended tube integrated amplifier with a true blue full range horn.

A 7 watt amplifier with 96db 8 ohm full range speakers.

The little birds up the tree sing of glorious immediacy and vocal renditions. I have the thoughts of various Jazz CDs running through my mind now. Even though i am supposed to be working.

God knows what i can expect from such a marriage. Made in heaven? Probably not. Made in my bedroom more likely ūüôā

Pictures coming soon.


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