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Something Seriously Wrong with Singapore

Dear All

As of this afternoon. Another letter to the straits times forum page. he he

Don’t think they will publish this though. It is far too hard hitting. 🙂

Happy reading! PAPpies and its supporters are invited to attack this posting with unrestrained fervour.


Ti Lik

What do we make out of this? 

We have a Government who promised the people immediately after the election that they will implement policies to stay together and move ahead with the people.

Shortly thereafter we had a Minister Mr. Mah Bow Tan deciding to keep opposition wards out of the upgrading queue because “the people had rejected the upgrading program”.

We have seen ERP charges increased, utility charges increased, public transport fare increased to silence from the 82 PAP MPs who claim to speak for the people.

We had a dozen post 65 PAP MPs who were happy to spend time training for a few months to dance hip hop at the coming Chingay procession.

We also have a Government telling us just days ago (with the accompanying articles of support from ST) that the GST needs to be increased to 7% because there is Government expenditure that needs to be financed.

Today, we have the ST attempting to explain that 40% of our bursaries go to foreign students is a justifiable policy which we should accept.

Today, we have the Government announcing a bigger bonus for the civil service of a total of 2.7 months for the entire year.

Given this little summary, we don’t need even a primary six education to tell us that there is something seriously wrong with this country is it not? Time to think.

Chia Ti Lik


November 23, 2006 - Posted by | Politics


  1. Chia has this uncanny knack of picking up unhapiness on the ground but offered no solutions. Best part of the story is he purosely failed to mention the ratinale for the govt to undertake such difficult yet unpopular decisions. Hence I can only ssume his postings r politically motivated.

    Comment by laksa_soup | November 24, 2006 | Reply

  2. Thank you for writing to us. We do appreciate your making the effort.

    We receive 70 letters on average each day. Limited space means we can publish only about a dozen every weekday.
    This means having to make often-difficult editorial judgments on which letters to publish.

    We regret we are unable to publish your letter, and hope you will appreciate the constraints on space we face every day.
    We hope you will continue taking an interest in the Forum Page.

    Yours sincerely

    Ms Noor Aiza
    for Forum Editor
    The Straits Times

    Comment by ST Forum Page | November 27, 2006 | Reply

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